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Colour Pop Glam Bag Lippie Stix! Hit or Miss?

Hey beauties, welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to talk about a Colour Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix I received in my September Ipsy Glam Bag. Yes I know, I know these Lippies have been out since forever, I know this review is super late etc etc etc… I also know that there are still people who have not used it as yet even though they have used other Colour Pop products so here goes. Now if you don’t know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription beauty bag that gives you five beauty products either in sample size or full size for US$10 with free shipping in the US. If you live in Jamaica like me, you can get it just the same through a courier service, I use ShipMe.

Colour Pop, Tamoy87

So one of the products I received for September was the Lippie Stix. Having this gorgeous pink just in time for October in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness was a huge plus. Yes I have a lot of pink lip colors but a new pink lippie sure is welcome.

Colour Pop, Tamoy87

I must say I have nothing negative to tell you about it. It is super pigmented, glides on easily and is true to color. It is matte, full coverage and contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E to protect and moisturize your lips. Includes no parabens or sulfates. Colour Pop Lippie Stix retail for about US$5 which makes it super affordable with great quality.

Colour Pop, Tamoy87
Here I am wearing The Lippie for swatch purpose. It was a definite HIT for me!


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cooking with Tamoy, Tamoy87

Make Breakfast Egg Sandwiches More Exciting

Whenever my friends ask what I am eating, I tend to give the most exciting names for basic stuff, for example, panini. Say an egg sandwich and coffee then say an egg panini and coffee and see how much better it sounds. The awesome part about it is, it tastes better too and looks much more pleasing to the eyes. We find that most of the times when we please the eyes, we open up our appetites to allow ourselves more enjoyment because we engage more of our senses. You can add as much as you desire to your sandwich but for the sake of this blog, I decided to keep it simple and show you that plain egg and bread can look quite pleasing. Just like we showed you how to jazz up plain old bread yesterday in the classic garlic bread using the basic sliced bread you buy each day. Without further ado, lets move to the basic recipe. cooking with Tamoy

Egg Panini Sandwich

2 slices of hard dough bread

1 egg

1/4 tsp dried parsley

Pinch of salt (optional)

Panini Press


Fry egg over-easy or sunny side up while warming up panini press. Add one slice of bread to panini pan then place egg on top, sprinkle with salt if needed and parsley, place other slice of bread on top then press for one minute or until panini press alerts you if automatic. Remove, slice and enjoy while hot. You can add cheese, lettuce and tomato is desired.


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Cooking with Tamoy

Chocolate Stout and Garlic Bread

Weird combination I know but I did not actually have them together although I see nothing wrong with it. I just decided that since I have been slacking with the amount of recipes I give you, to just go ahead and share both recipes in one go. First up is my favorite drink of the hour;

Cooking with Tamoy, Tamoy87


Honey Drizzled Chocolate Stout

1 bottle Guinness

2 tbsp honey

1/2 cup soy milk

1 tsp cocoa powder

a splash of Wray & Nephew Over-proof Rum or rum of your choice

Guinness and milk should be cold to avoid adding ice


Add milk and rum to container then pour on Guinness while stirring. Stir in a table spoon of honey and add cocoa powder. While frothy, pour into a glass, drizzle the remainder of honey on top and enjoy.

Cooking with Tamoy, Tamoy87


Grilled Garlic Bread

Hard dough bread sliced

Peg of garlic

Parsley or herb of choice (optional)

Salt (optional)

Olive Oil

Grill or Panini Press


Take a slice of bread and lightly drizzle with olive oil then cut garlic and rub over surface of bread or crush garlic and sparingly spread over bread. Sprinkle a dash of salt to liking and add herb then place on hot grill or panini press for thirty seconds to one minute or until golden brown. Serve immediately, best when hot or warm.

Cooking with Tamoy, Tamoy87


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Tamoy’s Pasta Supreme

Hey guys, welcome back to the series of cooking with Tamoy where I share what I do in my kitchen with you. Today we will be looking at a pasta dish I threw together and my Instagram followers seemed to love it.

Episode 2: Tamoy’s Pasta Supreme!


1 cup Cheesy Veggie Salad

1 cup drained pasta

1/4 cup bacon bits

1/4 cup cheese

1 tsp dried parsley

Mix all in a bowl except cheese then poor in a heat safe container, top with cheese and bake for 5 minutes or until cheese melts. Can be done in the microwave for 1 minute if you wish. Top with parsley and enjoy while hot.Tamoy87


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Cheesy Veggie Salad

Hey guys, its been a long time but I’m here and I promise not to disappoint. I am here with a new series called cooking with Tamoy and in these blogs, I will be sharing a few recipes of dishes I posted on Instagram recently. I will post one or two recipe per week. I have been asked so here it is.

Episode 1: Cheesy Veggie Salad

1/4 yellow onion finely minced

1 medium carrot finely chopped

2 small tomatoes chopped

1/2 medium cucumber

1/4 cup Shredded Cheddar Jack

OPTIONAL: Diced pineapples and yogurt

Toss everything together in a huge bowl and serve or toss everything except the yogurt and add it to the side or on top.

Served with dark rosemary sweet chicken!

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5 Minutes Natural White Review

So back in June  I became an ambassador for The Glitter Box JA and was sent a package to review. As life would have it, a load of stuff came up and stopped my reviewing process but I spoke with the owner/director and she was understanding. Anyhow, outside of social media posts, I wanted to write this review and honest opinion on the 5 Minutes Natural White tooth whitening gel.

This wont be a long post but it is to the point. The gel isn’t what you would call overnight and if you aren’t one to take great care of your teeth then you may not see instant change. You may not even see any in a week either. For me, I saw changed in two days. Bare in mind, I am a coffee drinker so that adds to my stains but outside of the condition of teeth, it isn’t a very strong bleaching type of gel. It is more of removing stains and over time it gets the job done. I would give it a 8/10. Not your usual teeth whitener, you need to add it to your daily routine. The comparison photo below is a period of one week difference but using the gel only 4 times over the space of the week. Would I purchase it? YES. Would I refer it? YES and I have. As I said, it does work but like most natural ways of health, it takes time.

Great outcome for only four uses.

Thank you for sticking around and thanks to The Glitter Box for giving me the opportunity.


When Life Gives Me Lemons!

So whenever life gives me lemons, I do as they say, make lemonade.

Today I felt so out of it. I had a bad night which went into most of my day so I was not able to get much work done. Reaching the point of being pissed at the world and wanting to just go to sleep, I decided to grab my makeup bags and do something to uplift my spirit. Tamoy87

As you can see, the makeup creation seem to have went with my mood. There was nothing heavy, no eye shadow hence no cheerful colors. The amazing thing is, it did change my mood a lot. So much I decided to blog about it. I apologize for the photo quality, they were taken with my selfie camera from my Huawei G7 phone and I didnt feel like touching them up.

Brows are filled in with a random black eyeshadow and cleaned up with Jordana 2in1 concealer & foundation in Golden Toffee mixed with NARS radiant creamy concealer in Custard. Foundation was the same Jordana Golden Toffee, Face was set with Ben Nye Banana Powder and warmed up with a bronzing powder of which I can’t remember the name as its rubbed of the container. On my lips is a brown liner topped with Sephora lip gloss in Ultra Violet.
Highlighter is a natural mineral eyeshadow called Treasure from Pacifica’s Island Life pallet. 


So that’s how I made lemonade today. Always find a way to combat what you face so as not to be on the losing end. I know it is hard at times but trust me, it can get a whole lot better. Thank you for joining me and I hope you guys have a wonderful evening. Please check out my instagram if you have the time @tamoy87.

Talk soon.

Love, Tamoy.



Birthday Shoot 2017

July 2017, my time of celebration, my birth month.

I turned 30 on the 15th of July and even though it didn’t fully go according to plan, I am still very much grateful to God for another milestone reached. A week before my big day, photographer Vidal Smith Jr. and I collaborated with San San Tropez Villa for my shoot to add to my birthday portfolio. The following photos have been all over my social media platforms and I am so happy  it was possible to have had a successful shoot. Makeup by me of course and my outfits were either gifts, from ebay or from local stores. I will say what is what as I go along in the captions

Makeup by yours truly
Earring from Glitter Box Ja
This gorgeous dress was a gift

Top from local clothing retailers Essies Variety Store, Bottom from Ebay, Shoes from a local retail shoes store Ajan.

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She Is No Longer Interested

She gives you attention, you ignore her. She give the attention to somebody else and forget about you then you decide to pay her attention. By this time, she is no longer interested in you because that is just how women are.

Hey guys, it has been a while but I will be trying my best to make up for the lack of content over the next couple of days.

Women, the majority of us at some point liked a guy who didn’t give their all and as soon as we gave up and got something good going on with another, this non-interest fellow reappears. Now what does he expect you to do? Sit and worry over him and get out of the dating game? No honey, do not give anybody that power over you. Once he fails to show interest no matter what you have done, it is your right to start something new if the opportunity comes along.

Men, if this lady did everything from checking if you have eaten, remind you about important family dates, send you random texts to make you smile, asked you if you were okay and all you did was probably answer her the next day of not at all, she will not stick around for long unless she is obsessed and this is not good for you. There is a guy out there just dying for her attention and is probably standing in line with a few others so don’t you dare think she is always going to be there. If you are not interested, then you just aren’t. Don’t hit her up to boost your ego because you realize she is no longer trapped under whatever spell you thought you had cast upon her. Leave her alone, you don’t need her.

It is so crazy when there is a woman who has suddenly been thrown the cold shoulder or put in the friend zone just to move on then be told she didn’t give the dating phase or relationship any chance to blossom. Excuse me, what? So she was over here sending you little gifts, calling you to ensure you ate, finding out how your kids are, checking up on your frame of mind on your job, praying for you, directing you how to make uplifting changes in your life only to get calls backs days after but she is the one who didn’t give it a chance? Ah-aha! Right you are. No fam, you just can’t believe she moved on without you and your ego has been crushed so now you want to come back, mess around and create problems for her to scratch your superego itch. I got sad news for you though, when a trying woman is over, she is over. No coming back, no trying this dating thing again, no going out for fun, no forget the new guy. She is done with you. You gave her no chance and now, she frankly doesn’t care because she can do without your disrespect. The new guy is all you weren’t so if he is who you are worried about, I hope you get over it soon.

Thanks for reading and I know a lot may not like the tone of this post but I am honestly tired of the disrespect our women face from some of these men. Anyway, if you like my content, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.


Friend Zone Him

For over two weeks, I have been sitting on this topic. At first it was because I was giving it a little time then after that I had no time. Anyhow, its finally that time because speaking with a friend of mine this morning made me sure it was. Hey guys and welcome back if you are follower and continuous reader or welcome to my blog if you are new. Continuing on my relationship series, I just want to say ladies, it is still about us, I will rep for the men soon.

When I say Friend Zone Him, what comes to mind? I hope nothing negative cause I’m not trying to be negative. Recently I have been listening to my Godly intuitions and to what some men have to say on this topic thus what I will say to you can only benefit you positively one way or another. If you friend zone him and he leaves, that’s good because you saved yourself some heartaches and if you friend zone him and he stays, that’s good too because you can develop a friendship that wont be barred by lust.



Now it is important to note, you only friend zone a guy if you genuinely care for him whether intimately or just as a friend. If you consider the person a threat to your emotions or physical state, stay away from them totally. Only follow the blog if you genuinely like someone and want to prolong something with them and don’t see the person too often, treat them just as you would another friend until the friendship develops. To put a guy in the friend zone makes him work a whole lot harder at coming out because no one likes to be friend zoned. It crushes their masculinity and it throws them out of control. If you know anything about men then you will know they love having the upper hand, taking that from them will only make them work harder to regain it or show their true colors and leave. Majority of the times, they push harder and that allows them to learn more about you and you both develop a friendship. You learn things you wouldn’t have if lust was into play. Favorite color, food, movie and a whole lot more. You see beyond the front they put up to impress the crowd and you actually get to learn more so you can impress them more.



  1. When he seems distracted and doesn’t come across as knowing what he wants.
  2. When only connects with you to kill boredom
  3. When he seems hung up on his ex
  4. When he is confused as to if he wants you in his life
  5. When he seems to be going too fast for example within a day calling you love, babe and wanting to come by your place or vice versa.
  6. When you feel you are going too fast and sexual urges comes into play
  7. I don’t recommend this one because I don’t recommend sex before marriage cause I am what some of you call religious but I am realistic so if you had sex too quickly, friend zone right there and then, a man does not expect that, it kills their ego because they are the ones who step after sex.



Get to know each other more by planning activities that wont draw away from your sexuality but does not push lust and sex.

  1. Go out and socialize in areas that a very populated and requires both of you to break out of your shells. You want to know this person so it is fair to allow this person to know you too. For example, cooking or paint and sip dates. Yes, there are places that allows you to cook together.
  2. Plan group trips and picnics as it is good to get to know friends from both sides. People open up more around their peers thus this will allow you to learn something you wouldn’t otherwise.
  3. Go on dates and ask serious questions along with playful ones. You want to know what you are getting into so ask about family ties, sicknesses and responsibilities. It is your right to know if thee person is married, separated, dating someone or going through a bad breakup or divorce. If any of these are present you should run but if they are single, ask about their thoughts on marriage, if they want kids, their future ambition, how they will support a family when it comes along etc. Although you are friends, these questions can be asked but be very subtle with it.

There is a whole lot more to this but for now, these are the thoughts I will leave with you. Thank you for visiting my blog and if you like my content, be sure to visit me on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and twitter at Tamoy87.