Burned In The Name Of Love

It is of my belief that if you love me, you cant burn me continuously and as I stated, that’s my belief. When a man decides to sleep with another woman, even if he makes a mistake once, if there is love, he won’t do it continuously. You should see the face of your wife or the woman you are committed to every time you think to get intimate with any other female. A man will tell a woman he loves her, that he is just weak and the other females mean nothing to him; but do these other females know this? Continue reading “Burned In The Name Of Love”

Friend Zone Him

For over two weeks, I have been sitting on this topic. At first it was because I was giving it a little time then after that I had no time. Anyhow, its finally that time because speaking with a friend of mine this morning made me sure it was. Hey guys and welcome back if … Continue reading Friend Zone Him