Why I blog

Why I Blog!

While others disliked, essay writing, comprehension and dictation back in school, it was quite the opposite for me. I commanded a grasp over English Language and Literature and made it my duty to be passionate about writing and without thinking, it became one of my hobbies.

Why I blog
Photographer: Vidal Smith Jr

Writing helps me in times when I worry, times when I’m sad, when I’m upset and gives me a platform to let out my emotions even when I’m happy and excited. On the other hand, I chat a lot, I love to share experience, teach others, impart wisdom to others, create a well of knowledge so that those who need to can share what I possess. With all this being my reality, I realized that blogging was indeed what I was cut out to do. What other platform gives you the opportunity to do all that in one place?

It didn’t just happen like this though because I’ve started many unsuccessful blogs but did not find my niche until last year. Other times gone by I would just blog on anything possible but in marketing, they teach us to find a target market and stick to it because you can’t please everyone. Hence, realizing I wanted to stick to lifestyle inclusive of relationship, beauty, basic travel and fashion which I’m passionate about was much easier than writing about things I saw but had no connection to. I won’t just write about celebrity gossip, a basketball game, the stock market, the prime minister’s biography etc because that’s not in my niche. I’m not passionate about those things.

Why I blog
Rafter’s Rest, Portland, Jamaica

I blog because blogging creates a secret getaway and a sense of total gratification for me, I feel as if this is where I belong. I get to meet new people, learn of new brands, receive great offers on stuff I didn’t even knew existed and so much more. The best perks are the freebies. Now who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do. I also love discounts and better than anything, I like when I can give to others, especially when I team up with other brands to do it. For some who are less outgoing than I am, partnering with brands may take a little longer but I started this blog in May and I already have loads of affiliation offers along with an ambassador position I recently scored which you will learn more about soon. If they see your value or you’ve shopped with them before, its easier to pitch an ambassador or affiliation proposal. For this reason, always try to put your best foot forward, support others and post quality content.

Last but not least, I blog because you guys motivate me to blog. The fact you are still reading up to here says you are interested in my content and for that I thank you. I can never thank you enough for that. To have people reaching out telling me they can relate to what I wrote and share their stories with me tells me I have a purpose to post for you and show you that you have my support. I’m forever grateful for my readers. You mean the world to me.

Why I blog
May you be inspired by what I love.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my content. If you like what you see here, please feel free to connect with me on social media at Tamoy87 whether Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter. See you again soon.

ClubHotel RIU Ocho Rios Review

This blog has been long overdue as I have visited the resort for four times and recommended it to a number of people who also loved it so I am just going to get straight to the point. Be prepared as this is my longest post yet but I included a lot of photos so it appears longer than it really is.

ClubHotel RIU Ocho Rios: is my favorite resort to date. It is located in Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios Jamaica. I love the staff, the cleanliness, the entertainment, the grounds and most of all the food. Some people may have different opinions but for the price, I consider this resort great. Its some form of mild luxury on a budget and its family friendly.

Entrance and Lounge: the lounge is my favorite place to sit and talk in the nights after the nightly entertainment. It is also where most people will be in the day time too as that’s the area where the public WiFi is most effective. Note well, WiFi isn’t free in standard rooms, It must be paid for.

Tamoy87, RIU Ocho Rios

Rooms: The rooms are always clean and presentable to me. You can choose from double rooms, Junior suites and Suites.

Jr. Suite

Grounds: I like taking a walk around the resort whether day or night when my mind is into it merely because its so clean and attractive. Taking a walk out to the pond at the ClubHotel RIU Ocho Rios is a must when you visit, there are various birds there who are attracted by the many fishes in the water and you will see a few turtles as well. Two pools are available, one for family inclusive of kids and one at the adult section strictly for grownups.

Pond & Gazebo
Family Pool View
Adult Pool Area from Jr Suite Garden View


Entertainment & Shopping: There is something different to experience each night in regards to entertainment at RIU Ocho Rios. Mondays tend to be an all white affair with a camp fire setting on the beach then other nights see various stage performances by the entertainment team or invited guest performers who come from as far as Cuba to wow the crowd in dancing, singing and more. Entertainment in the day is hosted by the entertainment team and there is always sports for those who are more active. Tennis, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boat and much more. For souvenirs and little necessities on the resort, there are various shops to satisfy any shopping itch you may develop. So if you weren’t prepared for a surprise monthly visit, there are tampons and sanitary napkins available, if you forgot to take slippers, sunglasses and didn’t have enough clothing, you can purchase all that on the resort.

Nightly Entertainment
Paddle boat ride


Food:  RIU Ocho Rios boasts about 8 restaurants with the Plantation and beach Jerk station only opened at lunch time. There is a main buffet opened for breakfast and dinner where you choose from the theme cuisine or anything else offered. There is always something for everyone.

Optional dining for dinner:

  • “Sir John” gourmet restaurant (à la carte)
  • “Mandalay” Asian restaurant (buffet)
  • “Piccola Italia” Italian restaurant (buffet)
  • Steakhouse (à la carte; buffet starters and dessert)

Available exclusively for clients staying in the Deluxe wing (evening dining):

  • “Sir Richard” gourmet restaurant (à la carte)
  • “Tushima” Japanese restaurant (à la carte)

There are snacks and beverages offered 24hrs per day with your own mini fridge stocked with water, sodas, beers and a mini bar with rums, vodka and more.


Other amenities include, the gym, sauna, hot and cold tubs and SPA (added cost)  which is a great bonus and there is also a night club sports bar and a casino. I do hope this blog was of some help to you and boost your next vacation visit to ClubHotel RIU Ocho Rios. I will see you guys here again soon when I look at another must visit resort or place of interest. If you enjoy my content, be sure to follow me on Instagram at TAMOY87.


5 Ways To Be Happier – Choose Happiness

So, I realize that the selfishness of others are causing many of us to be unhappy just so they can be pleased. What benefit is that to you when others are happy while you bathe in sadness? I can’t see that as a win. If you aren’t being taken care of physically and mentally, you’ll eventually lose the strength to be of benefit to others. Here are 5 ways to build your happiness.

Put yourself first and pray – Yes, you do come first apart from God who is in a category by Himself. Your health, belief, peace, comfort and all that contributes to a whole you. It takes every ounce of contribution to make you whole, can’t have peace but not joy, can’t have joy without comfort, can’t have strong belief but no proper health either. It all adds up so build yourself while/ before you build others else you’ll collapse trying to do so. Put God in it and all shall be possible.

Drop unhealthy relationships – This may be touchy for some but from experience I can say, unhealthy relationships kill. Maybe not physically but spiritually and mentally, they do drain you and if you’re walking around as an empty shell, I consider you dead. You may not have a spousal relationship that’s affecting you but it may be siblings who never see the good in you, parents, relatives or even friends. Be aware of the signs of bad relationships and stay away from them.

Find a productive hobby – There must be something you love which can help to develop your self worth. Hobbies aren’t just for fun but they’re building elements. They boost your self esteem, boost your mentality, boost your skill set and much more. Hobbies are proof you are great at something despite the hardship and downfalls you may face. Its an escape route from sadness and stress.

Learn to say no – Well in this year of 2017, if you’ve never said no, please learn the word. Where do you get off saying yes to everybody and everything? I am sure you have opinions and insights of your own so there’s no way you should be saying yes every step of the way. Learn to voice your opinions when necessary, learn to wear black when everybody else wear white in the mud, learn to refuse what everyone wants to push on you, thank me later.

Enjoy your own company – Stay home sometimes or take yourself out to lunch or dinner. What looks stupid and pitiful to the public may be of the best benefit to you. When you learn to appreciate and respect your company, you will know just how you want others to act around you or who you want to be around. Being in your own company teaches you a whole lot more about yourself than you thought you knew.

These are only based on my opinion but it has worked for many. Trying it wont make things worse or I don’t think so, thus if you are truly unhappy, try one if not all of the above. I am not saying these are the ultimate ways to happiness but they sure are a few of the many. Thank you for reading and if you like my content, please follow me on Instagram at Tamoy87.


8 Signs She’s Tired Of Your Crap


This is a note to our men out here dating and thinking they can play the same game forever while women put up with it; thinking there is ownership so you do as you please. After a while, we do get tired of all that’s going on and when we get tired, you will know it by our actions and not by our voices because you claim we talk too much. If you have a nagging woman, listen to her because when she nags no more then you know, its done on her side. Here are some ways to tell she’s tired of all the crap if you live apart.

1. She no longer sends good morning texts: If she normally text you first thing in the morning and they get less until they cut right off, you’re in trouble. This woman’s head is somewhere else now, her head is on the road called “moving on”.

2. She doesn’t check if you ate: Having your man hungry is not a trait of a good woman so even if she isn’t around she checks if you fed yourself right. When she no longer does this, she basically saying feed yourself or starve, its up to you.

3. She gives you the one word reply text:
“Yes, fine, okay, no, hmm”, when you’re getting these reply from someone who usually says or texts a paragraph to each question then of course she’s at a point of giving up.

4. She replies to messages 6 hours later or the next day: Well, this one will surely eat you up, especially if you know she’s always on her phone so either she’s ignoring you or she’s ignoring you. Outside of being sick, busy or asleep, you can tell when she is ignoring.

5. She no longer gives opinions: Who have opinions like a woman right? Well then, if she ain’t talking then she’s walking because that’s just saying “live your life”.

6. She no longer tells you she loves you: At this point she starts saying, I have shown you enough love and you made a mockery of it so to hell with this.

7. She doesn’t pick up: Call as you may, she will not pickup if she doesn’t feel to. She’s now tired of your constant excuses and apologies so she prefers not to hear you at all.

8. She says “we need to talk”: Here we go, we all know this can’t be peachy. We need to talk tends to mean, ‘you’ve done something wrong” or “we are breaking up”. Cliche but true.

Ladies I know some of you can relate and for the married folks and those living together, I know you understand but being I’m neither married or living with anyone, I cannot write from that side of the fence.

Next blog in this series will be about choosing happiness so stick around and thanks for reading. Remember to follow on Instagram Tamoy87


Love Your Flaws

“I don’t like my lips”, “I don’t like my hips”, “I don’t like my face”, “I don’t like my waist” says a lot of women every day. Hey guys, I do hope you are having an amazing week and I trust all that has happened negatively will only strengthen you.

Too many of our women are out here insecure because of society’s definition of beauty. I am 29 and have awesome grey hairs all over the front portion of my head which some ladies my age don’t want. I don’t have them big hips, small waist, straight teeth, and perfect lips but I do have my personality and many talents which I use to push forward.tamoy87

Love your flaws. For every misplaced hair, crooked smile, weird laugh, slant eyes and flat nose there is a given talent to surpass these minor things. You may not be hour glass figure but you can cook, may not have the perfect face but have an education, may not have the best hair but is a talented hairstylist and the list goes on.

Love your flaws and don’t expect others to love them for you, until you love and appreciate yourself, you will never be sure of how perfect love should feel. Always gonna be searching for what you can’t find because you yourself don’t know what it is.

Love your flaws because there ain’t nobody out there who knows about them better than you do. Don’t be afraid to tweak your look from time to time with clothes, makeup, hairstyles or jewelry, adding to yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. Would you say wearing different clothes for different occasions make you insecure? I’m sure not so fix up and show up.

Love your flaws, treat yourself and smile, these are my encouragement to you.Tamoy87

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Simple Makeup Primer & Setting Spray DIY

A lot of women from time to time complain about store bought primers and setting sprays, some due to health purposes and others due to cost. Below I will share with you a simple but effective DIY to help save money and keep your makeup in place a more natural way.


Empty Spray Bottle
Empty Spray Bottle
Essential Oil
Essential Oil


Method: In a container, mix 3 parts water, 1 part glycerin and a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Add mixture to spray bottle and there you go, your own primer and setting spray.

Ensure spray bottle sprays with a fine mist so as not to overly saturate your face when you are using it. Spray on clean face after moisturizing the same way you would use other spray primers, let dry. Please note, face will be a bit sticky. After normal makeup routine, ensure you set with powder then spray again to keep everything in place.

Credit is due to the person who came up with this as it is not my own idea but it is something worth trying. Have you tried it before? How was it? if you haven’t tried it out before please do and tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by as usual and please remember to follow me on

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5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wish You Knew

So I was talking to a potential client recently and she wanted to know how she could cut cost for makeup application. I gave her my basic charge but she still asked if I could just do brows and foundation then asked how much it costs. My answer was, “well, I don’t go below my minimum cost so if you want to cut the application its up to you but price is the same”. I have been seeing other MUAs express the same feelings towards the problem so I just want to give you the client a heads up.

  1. BASIC COST IS FINAL: Please stop trying to tell us what you want to pay, we have a good idea what we are charging for. Products are very expensive, traveling with them are a huge hassle, getting to the location on time from wherever we are is added to cost, standing on our feet to get the job done is also counted in and ensuring we get the job done right using our expertise makes it final. COST
  2. TIME IS IMPORTANT: If we get there on time and more than an hour after appointed time you are still not ready, we are not the ones responsible for the rushed look you will get. Perfecting a certain look takes time, getting the skin right takes time, blending products takes time, that is why we ask for the time we need. When you waste that time then ask us to do the job faster, you may not like the result hence, please be prepared for us when we get to the location.time-1739629_1920
  3. PERFECT SKIN GIVES PERFECT RESULTS: Take care of your skin, your makeup artist is not a magician. If you have bad skin, no matter how much of a great job we do, we can’t make bumps and raised scars disappear. Have a clean clear face ready for us when we are ready to start application. Even though we will clean up, if you do your normal cleaning routine before, it will give us a better base to work with.acne-1606765_1920
  4. PHOTOSHOP IS NOT A MYTH: A lot of the photos you see online if not most are edited. They may not have been put through an extreme airbrush process, but touch-up is done majority of the times by a photographer or photo editor. Please have a realistic mind and be sure to know when a great job is done by the artist. Makeup, tamoy87
  5. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PAY YOUR ARTIST: If you know you will be too busy and caught up in the events of the day, please assign the money management to someone else. A makeup artist hates to have to ask for our pay at the end of a job if there wasn’t a cleared balance before, no matter how bold we are. Ensure balance of payment is in an envelope or other presentable form to be given to artist before or after everything is done.money-exchange

BONUS TIP: Please ensure you state what you want and don’t be afraid to talk to your artist. Do all this before a certain time though, while your makeup is being applied, try to talk less. Especially when mascara, eyeliner, lashes and lip products are being applied. Another thing is to call us way in advance. Don’t call us this week for makeup next week or today for makeup tomorrow. It really isn’t feasible for anyone.

Thanks for stopping by guys and I hope this was helpful to some of you if not all.

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Sunnies, sunglasses, glasses, summer

Be Bold This Summer

It’s almost summer but already the time is hot enough to sport your favorite sunnies. You can choose to go with your usual or follow the trend and be bold this summer. Gone are the days of tiny glasses, now the bigger they are, the better. Who cares if its falling off your face right? Lol!

Well seriously, try something new this summer whether nude frames or bright colors. Protect your eyes will looking fashionable. Ensure you add some other accessories and compliment your look this summer.Summer, sunnies, sunglassesWhite Sunnies3

Shades: Glitz & Glamour

Watch: Ebay

Purse: Rosewholesale

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29th Birthday Photo Shoot Preparation Tips

Hey there, nice to meet you. My name is Tamara also called Tamoy, welcome to my blog. I’m a professional makeup artist and graphic designer from Jamaica who have fashion, food and beauty related interests. Please check my ABOUT page for more info.

So you are approaching the big 29 and want to take a few photos but you have absolutely no idea what to do. That’s okay, It happens to the best of us. I turned 29 on July 15th 2016 and had a successful shoot so let me be of a little help.

  1. Location: Where you decide to host the shoot at also plays a major role in what you will wear so choose carefully keeping in mind season and weather. You can opt for a nice outdoor shoot or choose to do it inside a studio. Confirm use of location with manager as soon as you possibly can.29th birthday shoot
  2. Outfit:  Next is to decide what you want to wear. The outfits can be anything you are comfortable in or something different from your usual, you decide. Have at least three outfit on  hand.

    Heels, shoes, wedge heel
    Shoes from @vanitytrunk on Instagram
  3. Date & Time: You need to have a date and time for shoot in mind so as to clear this with others involved in the shoot and rid yourself of confusion.
  4. Photographer: Check to ensure the photographer is available way in advance to prevent any inconvenience. At least a month in advance is acceptable.
  5. Makeup Artist: If you are not doing your own makeup, you need to call the artist around the same time you call the photographer for the same reason.

    Birthday makeup
    Makeup by yours truly.
  6. Props: If you plan on using any props, get these together very soon, especially if you have to order them online.
  7. Night Before Shoot: Ensure all is in place and get some rest to ensure your eyes don’t look tired or that you don’t suffer from fatigue.
  8. On The Day Of Shoot: Eat properly. If the shoot is early morning, be sure to have something on set to catch up on, if its midday or evening, have a good breakfast and/or lunch. Secondly, have a relaxing bath and ensure you are mentally prepared. Last but not least, SLAY!
3Birthday shoot 2016
Location: The Jamaica Palace Hotel


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Photo credit to Vidal Smith Jr.

Thanks to the owner of The Jamaica Palace Hotel for granting location access.

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