Your Pets Are Like Family

your choice. your pupjoy.

Hey guys, it’s International Cats Day and I find this the perfect day to drop this blog. I have two cats which I adore totally and recently, I have adopted the neighbours’ dog. All pets are close to our hearts but today I will speak mainly on Cats and Dogs. I love animals and I believe that’s if you decide to open up yourself to adopt a pet, you should think of it like adopting a child.

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Why I Blog!

While others disliked, essay writing, comprehension and dictation back in school, it was quite the opposite for me. I commanded a grasp over English Language and Literature and made it my duty to be passionate about writing and without thinking, it became one of my hobbies. Writing helps me in times when I worry, times … Continue reading Why I Blog!

Love Your Flaws

“I don’t like my lips”, “I don’t like my hips”, “I don’t like my face”, “I don’t like my waist” says a lot of women every day. Hey guys, I do hope you are having an amazing week and I trust all that has happened negatively will only strengthen you. Too many of our women … Continue reading Love Your Flaws