Birthday Shoot 2017

July 2017, my time of celebration, my birth month.

I turned 30 on the 15th of July and even though it didn’t fully go according to plan, I am still very much grateful to God for another milestone reached. A week before my big day, photographer Vidal Smith Jr. and I collaborated with San San Tropez Villa for my shoot to add to my birthday portfolio. The following photos have been all over my social media platforms and I am so happy  it was possible to have had a successful shoot. Makeup by me of course and my outfits were either gifts, from ebay or from local stores. I will say what is what as I go along in the captions

Makeup by yours truly
Earring from Glitter Box Ja
This gorgeous dress was a gift

Top from local clothing retailers Essies Variety Store, Bottom from Ebay, Shoes from a local retail shoes store Ajan.

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Sunnies, sunglasses, glasses, summer

Be Bold This Summer

It’s almost summer but already the time is hot enough to sport your favorite sunnies. You can choose to go with your usual or follow the trend and be bold this summer. Gone are the days of tiny glasses, now the bigger they are, the better. Who cares if its falling off your face right? Lol!

Well seriously, try something new this summer whether nude frames or bright colors. Protect your eyes will looking fashionable. Ensure you add some other accessories and compliment your look this summer.Summer, sunnies, sunglassesWhite Sunnies3

Shades: Glitz & Glamour

Watch: Ebay

Purse: Rosewholesale

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29th Birthday Photo Shoot Preparation Tips

Hey there, nice to meet you. My name is Tamara also called Tamoy, welcome to my blog. I’m a professional makeup artist and graphic designer from Jamaica who have fashion, food and beauty related interests. Please check my ABOUT page for more info.

So you are approaching the big 29 and want to take a few photos but you have absolutely no idea what to do. That’s okay, It happens to the best of us. I turned 29 on July 15th 2016 and had a successful shoot so let me be of a little help.

  1. Location: Where you decide to host the shoot at also plays a major role in what you will wear so choose carefully keeping in mind season and weather. You can opt for a nice outdoor shoot or choose to do it inside a studio. Confirm use of location with manager as soon as you possibly can.29th birthday shoot
  2. Outfit:  Next is to decide what you want to wear. The outfits can be anything you are comfortable in or something different from your usual, you decide. Have at least three outfit on  hand.

    Heels, shoes, wedge heel
    Shoes from @vanitytrunk on Instagram
  3. Date & Time: You need to have a date and time for shoot in mind so as to clear this with others involved in the shoot and rid yourself of confusion.
  4. Photographer: Check to ensure the photographer is available way in advance to prevent any inconvenience. At least a month in advance is acceptable.
  5. Makeup Artist: If you are not doing your own makeup, you need to call the artist around the same time you call the photographer for the same reason.

    Birthday makeup
    Makeup by yours truly.
  6. Props: If you plan on using any props, get these together very soon, especially if you have to order them online.
  7. Night Before Shoot: Ensure all is in place and get some rest to ensure your eyes don’t look tired or that you don’t suffer from fatigue.
  8. On The Day Of Shoot: Eat properly. If the shoot is early morning, be sure to have something on set to catch up on, if its midday or evening, have a good breakfast and/or lunch. Secondly, have a relaxing bath and ensure you are mentally prepared. Last but not least, SLAY!
3Birthday shoot 2016
Location: The Jamaica Palace Hotel


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Photo credit to Vidal Smith Jr.

Thanks to the owner of The Jamaica Palace Hotel for granting location access.

Email: tamoyeighty7@gmail.com