Colour Pop Glam Bag Lippie Stix! Hit or Miss?

Hey beauties, welcome back to my blog. Today we are going to talk about a Colour Pop Cosmetics Lippie Stix I received in my September Ipsy Glam Bag. Yes I know, I know these Lippies have been out since forever, I know this review is super late etc etc etc… I also know that there are still people who have not used it as yet even though they have used other Colour Pop products so here goes. Now if you don’t know, Ipsy is a monthly subscription beauty bag that gives you five beauty products either in sample size or full size for US$10 with free shipping in the US. If you live in Jamaica like me, you can get it just the same through a courier service, I use ShipMe.

Colour Pop, Tamoy87

So one of the products I received for September was the Lippie Stix. Having this gorgeous pink just in time for October in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness was a huge plus. Yes I have a lot of pink lip colors but a new pink lippie sure is welcome.

Colour Pop, Tamoy87

I must say I have nothing negative to tell you about it. It is super pigmented, glides on easily and is true to color. It is matte, full coverage and contains Shea Butter and Vitamin E to protect and moisturize your lips. Includes no parabens or sulfates. Colour Pop Lippie Stix retail for about US$5 which makes it super affordable with great quality.

Colour Pop, Tamoy87
Here I am wearing The Lippie for swatch purpose. It was a definite HIT for me!


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5 Minutes Natural White Review

So back in June  I became an ambassador for The Glitter Box JA and was sent a package to review. As life would have it, a load of stuff came up and stopped my reviewing process but I spoke with the owner/director and she was understanding. Anyhow, outside of social media posts, I wanted to write this review and honest opinion on the 5 Minutes Natural White tooth whitening gel.

This wont be a long post but it is to the point. The gel isn’t what you would call overnight and if you aren’t one to take great care of your teeth then you may not see instant change. You may not even see any in a week either. For me, I saw changed in two days. Bare in mind, I am a coffee drinker so that adds to my stains but outside of the condition of teeth, it isn’t a very strong bleaching type of gel. It is more of removing stains and over time it gets the job done. I would give it a 8/10. Not your usual teeth whitener, you need to add it to your daily routine. The comparison photo below is a period of one week difference but using the gel only 4 times over the space of the week. Would I purchase it? YES. Would I refer it? YES and I have. As I said, it does work but like most natural ways of health, it takes time.

Great outcome for only four uses.

Thank you for sticking around and thanks to The Glitter Box for giving me the opportunity.


When Life Gives Me Lemons!

So whenever life gives me lemons, I do as they say, make lemonade.

Today I felt so out of it. I had a bad night which went into most of my day so I was not able to get much work done. Reaching the point of being pissed at the world and wanting to just go to sleep, I decided to grab my makeup bags and do something to uplift my spirit. Tamoy87

As you can see, the makeup creation seem to have went with my mood. There was nothing heavy, no eye shadow hence no cheerful colors. The amazing thing is, it did change my mood a lot. So much I decided to blog about it. I apologize for the photo quality, they were taken with my selfie camera from my Huawei G7 phone and I didnt feel like touching them up.

Brows are filled in with a random black eyeshadow and cleaned up with Jordana 2in1 concealer & foundation in Golden Toffee mixed with NARS radiant creamy concealer in Custard. Foundation was the same Jordana Golden Toffee, Face was set with Ben Nye Banana Powder and warmed up with a bronzing powder of which I can’t remember the name as its rubbed of the container. On my lips is a brown liner topped with Sephora lip gloss in Ultra Violet.
Highlighter is a natural mineral eyeshadow called Treasure from Pacifica’s Island Life pallet. 


So that’s how I made lemonade today. Always find a way to combat what you face so as not to be on the losing end. I know it is hard at times but trust me, it can get a whole lot better. Thank you for joining me and I hope you guys have a wonderful evening. Please check out my instagram if you have the time @tamoy87.

Talk soon.

Love, Tamoy.


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Your True Shade Charcoal Mask

Boy oh girl, I must say the first time I tried it, it was a little more than a sting to peel off but it was worth it. I’m talking about the Your True Shade Bamboo Charcoal Mask.

Charcoal masks are the rave right now and the fact that one of Jamaica’s own makeup brand actually has one in their product line, is a huge thing for brand Jamaica. I just had to try it.


In the process of application to waiting on the mask to dry, it gives the face a cool, refreshing feel. It’s like washing your face with cool water on a hot day. Ensure not to get any in your hairline or eyebrows and for men, avoid the beard and side burns. You will thank me for this because the little hair that exists on your face, yes those little fuzzes, will cause you to peel away the mask in fear. Ahahaha!!!

charcoal mask
Looking crazy but getting my mask on.

When the mask is finally dry, your face will feel like a piece of board, its the best way to put it, lol. It will be stiff but a little smile and relax technique will take care of that. It takes a little time to dry and depends on how thick of a layer you went with. Jus find something to occupy your time until it is dry. After 15-20 minutes, its now time to peel off. YAAY!!!

mask, charcoal mask
You can literally see the difference!

Look at the obvious difference, you can see it took away oils and grime by just looking at the difference on my face. It does work and it is worth the price at US$19.05. So far, I have encouraged a lot of people to try it and they have received good results. I only did that because I like it a lot, not because I was paid to, I wasn’t. It was just a great product. I’m almost out of mine and will be repurchasing quite soon.

mask, charcoal mask
Look at those whiteheads.

After taking care of that skin and moisturizing, just throw on some makeup and slay

Makeup, mask, charcoal mask
After my mask session, I styled my hair and added some makeup just for fun.


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Love Your Flaws

“I don’t like my lips”, “I don’t like my hips”, “I don’t like my face”, “I don’t like my waist” says a lot of women every day. Hey guys, I do hope you are having an amazing week and I trust all that has happened negatively will only strengthen you.

Too many of our women are out here insecure because of society’s definition of beauty. I am 29 and have awesome grey hairs all over the front portion of my head which some ladies my age don’t want. I don’t have them big hips, small waist, straight teeth, and perfect lips but I do have my personality and many talents which I use to push forward.tamoy87

Love your flaws. For every misplaced hair, crooked smile, weird laugh, slant eyes and flat nose there is a given talent to surpass these minor things. You may not be hour glass figure but you can cook, may not have the perfect face but have an education, may not have the best hair but is a talented hairstylist and the list goes on.

Love your flaws and don’t expect others to love them for you, until you love and appreciate yourself, you will never be sure of how perfect love should feel. Always gonna be searching for what you can’t find because you yourself don’t know what it is.

Love your flaws because there ain’t nobody out there who knows about them better than you do. Don’t be afraid to tweak your look from time to time with clothes, makeup, hairstyles or jewelry, adding to yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. Would you say wearing different clothes for different occasions make you insecure? I’m sure not so fix up and show up.

Love your flaws, treat yourself and smile, these are my encouragement to you.Tamoy87

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Simple Makeup Primer & Setting Spray DIY

A lot of women from time to time complain about store bought primers and setting sprays, some due to health purposes and others due to cost. Below I will share with you a simple but effective DIY to help save money and keep your makeup in place a more natural way.


Empty Spray Bottle
Empty Spray Bottle
Essential Oil
Essential Oil


Method: In a container, mix 3 parts water, 1 part glycerin and a few drops of essential oil of your choice. Add mixture to spray bottle and there you go, your own primer and setting spray.

Ensure spray bottle sprays with a fine mist so as not to overly saturate your face when you are using it. Spray on clean face after moisturizing the same way you would use other spray primers, let dry. Please note, face will be a bit sticky. After normal makeup routine, ensure you set with powder then spray again to keep everything in place.

Credit is due to the person who came up with this as it is not my own idea but it is something worth trying. Have you tried it before? How was it? if you haven’t tried it out before please do and tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by as usual and please remember to follow me on

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5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wish You Knew

So I was talking to a potential client recently and she wanted to know how she could cut cost for makeup application. I gave her my basic charge but she still asked if I could just do brows and foundation then asked how much it costs. My answer was, “well, I don’t go below my minimum cost so if you want to cut the application its up to you but price is the same”. I have been seeing other MUAs express the same feelings towards the problem so I just want to give you the client a heads up.

  1. BASIC COST IS FINAL: Please stop trying to tell us what you want to pay, we have a good idea what we are charging for. Products are very expensive, traveling with them are a huge hassle, getting to the location on time from wherever we are is added to cost, standing on our feet to get the job done is also counted in and ensuring we get the job done right using our expertise makes it final. COST
  2. TIME IS IMPORTANT: If we get there on time and more than an hour after appointed time you are still not ready, we are not the ones responsible for the rushed look you will get. Perfecting a certain look takes time, getting the skin right takes time, blending products takes time, that is why we ask for the time we need. When you waste that time then ask us to do the job faster, you may not like the result hence, please be prepared for us when we get to the location.time-1739629_1920
  3. PERFECT SKIN GIVES PERFECT RESULTS: Take care of your skin, your makeup artist is not a magician. If you have bad skin, no matter how much of a great job we do, we can’t make bumps and raised scars disappear. Have a clean clear face ready for us when we are ready to start application. Even though we will clean up, if you do your normal cleaning routine before, it will give us a better base to work with.acne-1606765_1920
  4. PHOTOSHOP IS NOT A MYTH: A lot of the photos you see online if not most are edited. They may not have been put through an extreme airbrush process, but touch-up is done majority of the times by a photographer or photo editor. Please have a realistic mind and be sure to know when a great job is done by the artist. Makeup, tamoy87
  5. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PAY YOUR ARTIST: If you know you will be too busy and caught up in the events of the day, please assign the money management to someone else. A makeup artist hates to have to ask for our pay at the end of a job if there wasn’t a cleared balance before, no matter how bold we are. Ensure balance of payment is in an envelope or other presentable form to be given to artist before or after everything is done.money-exchange

BONUS TIP: Please ensure you state what you want and don’t be afraid to talk to your artist. Do all this before a certain time though, while your makeup is being applied, try to talk less. Especially when mascara, eyeliner, lashes and lip products are being applied. Another thing is to call us way in advance. Don’t call us this week for makeup next week or today for makeup tomorrow. It really isn’t feasible for anyone.

Thanks for stopping by guys and I hope this was helpful to some of you if not all.

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