5 Minutes Natural White Review

So back in June  I became an ambassador for The Glitter Box JA and was sent a package to review. As life would have it, a load of stuff came up and stopped my reviewing process but I spoke with the owner/director and she was understanding. Anyhow, outside of social media posts, I wanted to write this review and honest opinion on the 5 Minutes Natural White tooth whitening gel.

This wont be a long post but it is to the point. The gel isn’t what you would call overnight and if you aren’t one to take great care of your teeth then you may not see instant change. You may not even see any in a week either. For me, I saw changed in two days. Bare in mind, I am a coffee drinker so that adds to my stains but outside of the condition of teeth, it isn’t a very strong bleaching type of gel. It is more of removing stains and over time it gets the job done. I would give it a 8/10. Not your usual teeth whitener, you need to add it to your daily routine. The comparison photo below is a period of one week difference but using the gel only 4 times over the space of the week. Would I purchase it? YES. Would I refer it? YES and I have. As I said, it does work but like most natural ways of health, it takes time.

Great outcome for only four uses.

Thank you for sticking around and thanks to The Glitter Box for giving me the opportunity.

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