When Life Gives Me Lemons!

So whenever life gives me lemons, I do as they say, make lemonade.

Today I felt so out of it. I had a bad night which went into most of my day so I was not able to get much work done. Reaching the point of being pissed at the world and wanting to just go to sleep, I decided to grab my makeup bags and do something to uplift my spirit. Tamoy87

As you can see, the makeup creation seem to have went with my mood. There was nothing heavy, no eye shadow hence no cheerful colors. The amazing thing is, it did change my mood a lot. So much I decided to blog about it. I apologize for the photo quality, they were taken with my selfie camera from my Huawei G7 phone and I didnt feel like touching them up.

Brows are filled in with a random black eyeshadow and cleaned up with Jordana 2in1 concealer & foundation in Golden Toffee mixed with NARS radiant creamy concealer in Custard. Foundation was the same Jordana Golden Toffee, Face was set with Ben Nye Banana Powder and warmed up with a bronzing powder of which I can’t remember the name as its rubbed of the container. On my lips is a brown liner topped with Sephora lip gloss in Ultra Violet.
Highlighter is a natural mineral eyeshadow called Treasure from Pacifica’s Island Life pallet. 


So that’s how I made lemonade today. Always find a way to combat what you face so as not to be on the losing end. I know it is hard at times but trust me, it can get a whole lot better. Thank you for joining me and I hope you guys have a wonderful evening. Please check out my instagram if you have the time @tamoy87.

Talk soon.

Love, Tamoy.


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