She Is No Longer Interested

She gives you attention, you ignore her. She give the attention to somebody else and forget about you then you decide to pay her attention. By this time, she is no longer interested in you because that is just how women are.

Hey guys, it has been a while but I will be trying my best to make up for the lack of content over the next couple of days.

Women, the majority of us at some point liked a guy who didn’t give their all and as soon as we gave up and got something good going on with another, this non-interest fellow reappears. Now what does he expect you to do? Sit and worry over him and get out of the dating game? No honey, do not give anybody that power over you. Once he fails to show interest no matter what you have done, it is your right to start something new if the opportunity comes along.

Men, if this lady did everything from checking if you have eaten, remind you about important family dates, send you random texts to make you smile, asked you if you were okay and all you did was probably answer her the next day of not at all, she will not stick around for long unless she is obsessed and this is not good for you. There is a guy out there just dying for her attention and is probably standing in line with a few others so don’t you dare think she is always going to be there. If you are not interested, then you just aren’t. Don’t hit her up to boost your ego because you realize she is no longer trapped under whatever spell you thought you had cast upon her. Leave her alone, you don’t need her.

It is so crazy when there is a woman who has suddenly been thrown the cold shoulder or put in the friend zone just to move on then be told she didn’t give the dating phase or relationship any chance to blossom. Excuse me, what? So she was over here sending you little gifts, calling you to ensure you ate, finding out how your kids are, checking up on your frame of mind on your job, praying for you, directing you how to make uplifting changes in your life only to get calls backs days after but she is the one who didn’t give it a chance? Ah-aha! Right you are. No fam, you just can’t believe she moved on without you and your ego has been crushed so now you want to come back, mess around and create problems for her to scratch your superego itch. I got sad news for you though, when a trying woman is over, she is over. No coming back, no trying this dating thing again, no going out for fun, no forget the new guy. She is done with you. You gave her no chance and now, she frankly doesn’t care because she can do without your disrespect. The new guy is all you weren’t so if he is who you are worried about, I hope you get over it soon.

Thanks for reading and I know a lot may not like the tone of this post but I am honestly tired of the disrespect our women face from some of these men. Anyway, if you like my content, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

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