Birthday Shoot 2017

July 2017, my time of celebration, my birth month.

I turned 30 on the 15th of July and even though it didn’t fully go according to plan, I am still very much grateful to God for another milestone reached. A week before my big day, photographer Vidal Smith Jr. and I collaborated with San San Tropez Villa for my shoot to add to my birthday portfolio. The following photos have been all over my social media platforms and I am so happy  it was possible to have had a successful shoot. Makeup by me of course and my outfits were either gifts, from ebay or from local stores. I will say what is what as I go along in the captions

Makeup by yours truly
Earring from Glitter Box Ja
This gorgeous dress was a gift

Top from local clothing retailers Essies Variety Store, Bottom from Ebay, Shoes from a local retail shoes store Ajan.

. Thank you so much for stopping by, be sure to check out my Instagram if you would like Tamoy87 and I will chat with you guys soon.

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