Friend Zone Him

For over two weeks, I have been sitting on this topic. At first it was because I was giving it a little time then after that I had no time. Anyhow, its finally that time because speaking with a friend of mine this morning made me sure it was. Hey guys and welcome back if you are follower and continuous reader or welcome to my blog if you are new. Continuing on my relationship series, I just want to say ladies, it is still about us, I will rep for the men soon.

When I say Friend Zone Him, what comes to mind? I hope nothing negative cause I’m not trying to be negative. Recently I have been listening to my Godly intuitions and to what some men have to say on this topic thus what I will say to you can only benefit you positively one way or another. If you friend zone him and he leaves, that’s good because you saved yourself some heartaches and if you friend zone him and he stays, that’s good too because you can develop a friendship that wont be barred by lust.



Now it is important to note, you only friend zone a guy if you genuinely care for him whether intimately or just as a friend. If you consider the person a threat to your emotions or physical state, stay away from them totally. Only follow the blog if you genuinely like someone and want to prolong something with them and don’t see the person too often, treat them just as you would another friend until the friendship develops. To put a guy in the friend zone makes him work a whole lot harder at coming out because no one likes to be friend zoned. It crushes their masculinity and it throws them out of control. If you know anything about men then you will know they love having the upper hand, taking that from them will only make them work harder to regain it or show their true colors and leave. Majority of the times, they push harder and that allows them to learn more about you and you both develop a friendship. You learn things you wouldn’t have if lust was into play. Favorite color, food, movie and a whole lot more. You see beyond the front they put up to impress the crowd and you actually get to learn more so you can impress them more.



  1. When he seems distracted and doesn’t come across as knowing what he wants.
  2. When only connects with you to kill boredom
  3. When he seems hung up on his ex
  4. When he is confused as to if he wants you in his life
  5. When he seems to be going too fast for example within a day calling you love, babe and wanting to come by your place or vice versa.
  6. When you feel you are going too fast and sexual urges comes into play
  7. I don’t recommend this one because I don’t recommend sex before marriage cause I am what some of you call religious but I am realistic so if you had sex too quickly, friend zone right there and then, a man does not expect that, it kills their ego because they are the ones who step after sex.



Get to know each other more by planning activities that wont draw away from your sexuality but does not push lust and sex.

  1. Go out and socialize in areas that a very populated and requires both of you to break out of your shells. You want to know this person so it is fair to allow this person to know you too. For example, cooking or paint and sip dates. Yes, there are places that allows you to cook together.
  2. Plan group trips and picnics as it is good to get to know friends from both sides. People open up more around their peers thus this will allow you to learn something you wouldn’t otherwise.
  3. Go on dates and ask serious questions along with playful ones. You want to know what you are getting into so ask about family ties, sicknesses and responsibilities. It is your right to know if thee person is married, separated, dating someone or going through a bad breakup or divorce. If any of these are present you should run but if they are single, ask about their thoughts on marriage, if they want kids, their future ambition, how they will support a family when it comes along etc. Although you are friends, these questions can be asked but be very subtle with it.

There is a whole lot more to this but for now, these are the thoughts I will leave with you. Thank you for visiting my blog and if you like my content, be sure to visit me on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and twitter at Tamoy87.

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