Choose Reality Over Potential When Dating

Hey guys, today’s post is a bit different as there will be no photos just points coming off the top of my head that I just had to share.

Falling for what you think he could be over what he actually shows you that he is, is the main ingredient in the recipe for most heartbreaks.

I can tell some of you are saying we can’t judge a book by its cover but hey, some of you read the whole book from the first date and ignored all the red flags anyhow. I know this because it is something I have done too so don’t deny it.

Stop making excuses for him. If he lies he lies, if he ignores you, he ignores you, if he cheats, he cheats. Call him out for what he is and devalue him in the process. No man likes to be devalued but they are prepared for you to act up, just flip the script, call him out then devalue. Now, don’t get angry and disrespect, that’s uncalled for plus he can handle that by just cutting you off. Just tell him you realize he is constantly lying or whatever he does, it has become a pattern and you cannot handle childish behavior then devalue by saying you are looking to date a grown man. Smile and leave him to think on that. He will realize you consider his ways childish and no man likes to be called a child so he will either be a child and run or be a man and fix things.

Stop allowing him to put you last. We decide how we want to be treated and when you keep silent on how he dishes out certain treatment to you, he will eventually do worse each time to see just how much he can get away with. Say something or do something, either you cut him off or you state how you feel about his actions. When he calls with last minute plans, don’t go, tell him you have a Netflix and chill session later then stop responding to allow him to think what he will. During the time, post photos of you and your girls on social media you know he will see and say this is how we Netflix and chill. You can even send him a photo saying, you could have been here but you chose to be flaky and last minute instead.

Stop telling yourself you know he can do better. How do you know that? Is he doing any better? Did you suddenly became God or a prophet seeing the greater good in man? I doubt it. Saying he can do better and believing he can be better is good but after weeks or months of that, it is like you are dating a guy that doesn’t exist. You keep telling yourself it will happen and date him with that in mind but, what about the man he is right now? Is this the man you want to be with? Would you want you sister or friend to be in a relationship like this? Does he put you first? Does he tell the truth? Does he stay faithful to what you have going on? I doubt that too. Live in your now and stop living in your future.

Thank you for reading guys, see links to follow me on social media at the end of this page and until next time, stay blessed.

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