Why I blog

Why I Blog!

While others disliked, essay writing, comprehension and dictation back in school, it was quite the opposite for me. I commanded a grasp over English Language and Literature and made it my duty to be passionate about writing and without thinking, it became one of my hobbies.

Why I blog
Photographer: Vidal Smith Jr

Writing helps me in times when I worry, times when I’m sad, when I’m upset and gives me a platform to let out my emotions even when I’m happy and excited. On the other hand, I chat a lot, I love to share experience, teach others, impart wisdom to others, create a well of knowledge so that those who need to can share what I possess. With all this being my reality, I realized that blogging was indeed what I was cut out to do. What other platform gives you the opportunity to do all that in one place?

It didn’t just happen like this though because I’ve started many unsuccessful blogs but did not find my niche until last year. Other times gone by I would just blog on anything possible but in marketing, they teach us to find a target market and stick to it because you can’t please everyone. Hence, realizing I wanted to stick to lifestyle inclusive of relationship, beauty, basic travel and fashion which I’m passionate about was much easier than writing about things I saw but had no connection to. I won’t just write about celebrity gossip, a basketball game, the stock market, the prime minister’s biography etc because that’s not in my niche. I’m not passionate about those things.

Why I blog
Rafter’s Rest, Portland, Jamaica

I blog because blogging creates a secret getaway and a sense of total gratification for me, I feel as if this is where I belong. I get to meet new people, learn of new brands, receive great offers on stuff I didn’t even knew existed and so much more. The best perks are the freebies. Now who doesn’t love free stuff? I know I do. I also love discounts and better than anything, I like when I can give to others, especially when I team up with other brands to do it. For some who are less outgoing than I am, partnering with brands may take a little longer but I started this blog in May and I already have loads of affiliation offers along with an ambassador position I recently scored which you will learn more about soon. If they see your value or you’ve shopped with them before, its easier to pitch an ambassador or affiliation proposal. For this reason, always try to put your best foot forward, support others and post quality content.

Last but not least, I blog because you guys motivate me to blog. The fact you are still reading up to here says you are interested in my content and for that I thank you. I can never thank you enough for that. To have people reaching out telling me they can relate to what I wrote and share their stories with me tells me I have a purpose to post for you and show you that you have my support. I’m forever grateful for my readers. You mean the world to me.

Why I blog
May you be inspired by what I love.

Thank you for taking the time out to read my content. If you like what you see here, please feel free to connect with me on social media at Tamoy87 whether Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter. See you again soon.

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