Dunn's River Trip

Dunn’s River Trip

So a few months ago when my little sister asked me to help her organize a trip, I was a bit out of it but I am glad I did help and volunteered as chaperone. I loved it, the cleanliness, the tour guides’s enthusiasm, the mannerism of the staff, the falls, the beach, all of it.. You name it, I liked it.

Dunn's River trip
Tour guides and videographers with a small group.

Great place to take the family for a day out picnic or relaxation and if you are on a resort, its a great choice for excursions. The mixture and choice of fresh or salt water after climbing the falls is indeed a plus and if you are not up to climbing the falls, you can still go to the foot of the falls and treat yourself to a water massage.

Dunn's River trip
Foot of the falls

The following are some photos captured from the trip.

Dunn's River trip
A glimpse of the falls through the trees.
Dunn's River Trip
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Dunn's River Trip
Simple mesh top as bathing suit cover up.
Dunn's River trip
At the falls
Dunn's River Trip
Stairs by the falls

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