This is not the end of your relationship

This Is Not The End of Your Journey

It’s the finale of another relationship, you don’t know whats going to happen next, you feel like giving up and the world seems to be crashing around you. It doesn’t look like it now but this is not the end of your journey. Trust me when I tell you it’s not. You will make it, you must make it and losing it is not an option so don’t panic. dont-panic-1067044_1920

STOP REMINISCING ON TOXIC FUN – Now look, if its over its just over. Stop thinking bout all the laughs you had when the time the pain outweighs the joy. You will only be kidding yourself and slowly draw back to someone who will hurt you again all because two times out of twenty you had a little fun. No my friend, don’t do that to yourself. Stop allowing your brain to over power you by bringing your subconscious to life, This will end in you going back through that very same “baby I’m sorry” situation. You can read about some of this in my previous blog, RUN AWAY FROM TOXIC ATTRACTIONS. Stop fooling yourself with the holidays, trips, clothes, hair and nail, at the end of the day, all that will vanish and you will still be hurt.

this is not the end of your journey
Stop reminiscing on toxic fun

GET BUSY – Find a hobby or some hobbies, write that article, start that team, write that book, put on that event and whatever you couldn’t do while in that stagnant stage of your life, do it now. Gone are the days when you gotta tell yourself ” oh I need three months to cry over this person who didn’t want me” and as much as I write for my ladies, I am saying this irrespective of you being male or female. Stop sitting around waiting for that person to come back, get on with your life and show yourself what you can do for you.

this is not the end of your journey
Get busy!

HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS OR MAKE NEW ONES – Everybody needs one or more friend/s, even Jesus had 12 and just like him, some will stab you in the back but you will survive. The main point is to have a social life. Go to the beach, the movies, road trips, take a vacation and treat yourself to pure fun and friendship. You would be surprise at how helpful socializing is. Yes you should take time for yourself but if it is that kind of time where you stress over what could have been then don’t. You deserve more than that toxic memory, This is not the end of your journey.

this is not the end of your journey
Hang out with friends or make new ones.


Thank you for reading my fourth blog in my RELATIONSHIP SERIES, happy you could be here. Please stay safe and stay happy. If you like my content, please go over to my social media pages and follow at TAMOY87.

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