run away from toxic attractions

Run Away From Toxic Attractions

I was speaking to a friend who I know will be reading this and laughing to herself but in that discussion, she said something that reminded me I needed to write this blog, Run away from toxic attractions.

WHAT IS TOXIC ATTRACTION? Toxic attraction is being attracted to someone or something that will cause you harm. This is when you are either in a relationship with, thinking of being in relationship with or continuously going back to someone who hurts or will hurt you. This does not only mean physical hurt but also means mental and emotional abuse. You find yourself going back to the guy who keeps cheating, keeps speaking down to you, keeps telling you that you are nobody, keep forgetting your birthday, keeps you on the side because he is married,

keeps you in the dark because he secretly lives with a woman and the list goes on. So what if he proposed? He still has not changed and he has no intention to at present moment, this engagement may just be to keep you quiet while he does the usual.

Run away from toxic attractions
When do you put on the running shoes?

WHEN DO YOU PUT ON THE RUNNING SHOES? Do this as soon as you sense a pattern, there is always a pattern. Just ensure you don’t wait until the fourth time to get your shoes. Patterns can start before you get too far in the relationship, it can be a simple things like never calling you, always texting back late with cheesy excuses, flaking off on a proposed date, no solid answers to questions and such the like. Even in more practical cases, he may only call you at nights to swing through but is never there in the day, honey he may just be looking for somewhere to sleep. He may only show up when you post some nice dishes on Facebook or the gram or anytime you cook, this may mean he got nothing to eat and you are only his chef. He may be with you all day but always have to go at nights and can never take you to his place, this may mean he has a family at home. Trust me honey, it is at the stage that you need to get them running shoes ready.

Run away from toxic attractions

WHEN DO YOU RUN? You run when you prove all this is true in the more practical cases and in the case of flaky texts, no calls, cheesy excuses, you run after you make it clear to him you realize there is confusion and you can’t handle confusion so you are going to take some space. Say what you mean and mean what you say, you would be shock at how quick he will respond once hes interested but if he is not and he decides that’s fine by him, count it as a win, not a loss, click previous link to see more on counting it as a win..  If a guy is being cold, don’t run into something you could have prevented, run from it, you will thank yourself later. In the case of going back to hurtful situations, run when you realize all the person does is say sorry then rinse and repeat. Run when you realize they start laying everything on you like, “if you didn’t want me you wouldn’t be here”, ” if you had said this before, we could have fixed it”, “if you had told me to apologize and that it affected you I would have and we would not be at this point” and the list goes on. Don’t allow them to make you feel as if it is your fault because it is not.

WHY SHOULD YOU RUN? You run because this is not good for your emotional and mental growth. He is only there to block your blessing of receiving a good man because, when people know of your relationship they will stay away, when God sees you are not over him, He will not give you someone in your confused state. God does not give you nice gifts while you have unnecessary baggage. Get rid of the baggage then wait on your reward. You run because you happiness and self worth depends on it. You keep going back and all you do in the end is hate yourself for it. How about loving you for a change? How about putting you first for a change and keeping that toxic person out the picture. You cannot love yourself yet be the cause of your own hurt, in this case you keep on hurting yourself by going back so for your sake, run away from toxic attractions.

Thank you once again for joining me here on my blog, I hope you had a good read and that it encourages someone. If you like my content, please feel free to join me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Snapchat at Tamoy87.

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