He Doesn’t Like You? Well Thank God And Move On!

Ladies! How do you really sit there and cry over someone who doesn’t want you? No, that’s a no. The minute someone makes it known they are not interested in you, that’s the moment you thank God and move right on with a smile. You actually won here, this was time not wasted making up a relationship that didn’t exist.

Smile and move along. Photographer: Vidal Smith Jr.

HE’S NOT GIVING ME THE TIME OF DAY – I’ve had friends who have said to me in the past, “I like this guy but he’s not giving me the time of day”. Hello!!! This is not even a sign, its a slap in the face saying move along, save yourself the heartache, you are not needed here. I don’t get how people get excited in situations like these. I mean, I honestly cannot feel excited around someone who simply tolerates me. Stop being fooled by the make-believe you drummed up in your imagination, see the person for who they are and not who you think they can be.

HE DOESN’T TEXTS BACK – Sweetheart, will you die? Are you dead right now? Is it the end of the world? I’m sure the answer is no to these questions. You see him, you are attracted to him somehow, I understand but don’t you think you are setting yourself up for heartache, neglect, cheating and early breakup? If he is not as interested in you as you are in him, I suggest you run from the situation like you were burned by hot water. Don’t start something that possess no signs of longevity.

he does'nt texts back
He doesn’t text back. Pixabay

HE TEXTS BACK, JUST NOT OFTEN BECAUSE HE’S BUSY – Busy? What is busy and what is he busy doing? Listen to me darling, no one is too busy to let an entire day go by without connecting with someone they have an interest in. Oh he’s busy at work. Okay so does he get off work, ever? Well he does get off but then he has to catch up on other stuff. Stuff like what? Stuff that he can never explain because they probably don’t exist right? He does check on me from time to time. Is this before or after you have checked up on him? Could this be a case where he is stringing you along so he can make use of you should he ever have the need? Stop making excuses for this man, stop trying to make believe, you will only hurt yourself. If you really like him and want him to respect you, stop popping up every minute, stop feeding him unnecessary information, stop telling yourself he is more than he appears to be. Honestly, leave him alone, you would surprise how men react when they think they have lost an opportunity. Be your own woman, treat yourself like a queen until a king comes along.

Precious queen, be happy while you await your king. Pixabay


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