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Your True Shade Charcoal Mask

Boy oh girl, I must say the first time I tried it, it was a little more than a sting to peel off but it was worth it. I’m talking about the Your True Shade Bamboo Charcoal Mask.

Charcoal masks are the rave right now and the fact that one of Jamaica’s own makeup brand actually has one in their product line, is a huge thing for brand Jamaica. I just had to try it.


In the process of application to waiting on the mask to dry, it gives the face a cool, refreshing feel. It’s like washing your face with cool water on a hot day. Ensure not to get any in your hairline or eyebrows and for men, avoid the beard and side burns. You will thank me for this because the little hair that exists on your face, yes those little fuzzes, will cause you to peel away the mask in fear. Ahahaha!!!

charcoal mask
Looking crazy but getting my mask on.

When the mask is finally dry, your face will feel like a piece of board, its the best way to put it, lol. It will be stiff but a little smile and relax technique will take care of that. It takes a little time to dry and depends on how thick of a layer you went with. Jus find something to occupy your time until it is dry. After 15-20 minutes, its now time to peel off. YAAY!!!

mask, charcoal mask
You can literally see the difference!

Look at the obvious difference, you can see it took away oils and grime by just looking at the difference on my face. It does work and it is worth the price at US$19.05. So far, I have encouraged a lot of people to try it and they have received good results. I only did that because I like it a lot, not because I was paid to, I wasn’t. It was just a great product. I’m almost out of mine and will be repurchasing quite soon.

mask, charcoal mask
Look at those whiteheads.

After taking care of that skin and moisturizing, just throw on some makeup and slay

Makeup, mask, charcoal mask
After my mask session, I styled my hair and added some makeup just for fun.


Thank you for stopping by guys and I do hope you are taking care of your beautiful skin. Remember if you like what you see here, you can follow me on Instagram at Tamoy87 to stay up to date with my activities.

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