5 Ways To Be Happier – Choose Happiness

So, I realize that the selfishness of others are causing many of us to be unhappy just so they can be pleased. What benefit is that to you when others are happy while you bathe in sadness? I can’t see that as a win. If you aren’t being taken care of physically and mentally, you’ll eventually lose the strength to be of benefit to others. Here are 5 ways to build your happiness.

Put yourself first and pray – Yes, you do come first apart from God who is in a category by Himself. Your health, belief, peace, comfort and all that contributes to a whole you. It takes every ounce of contribution to make you whole, can’t have peace but not joy, can’t have joy without comfort, can’t have strong belief but no proper health either. It all adds up so build yourself while/ before you build others else you’ll collapse trying to do so. Put God in it and all shall be possible.

Drop unhealthy relationships – This may be touchy for some but from experience I can say, unhealthy relationships kill. Maybe not physically but spiritually and mentally, they do drain you and if you’re walking around as an empty shell, I consider you dead. You may not have a spousal relationship that’s affecting you but it may be siblings who never see the good in you, parents, relatives or even friends. Be aware of the signs of bad relationships and stay away from them.

Find a productive hobby – There must be something you love which can help to develop your self worth. Hobbies aren’t just for fun but they’re building elements. They boost your self esteem, boost your mentality, boost your skill set and much more. Hobbies are proof you are great at something despite the hardship and downfalls you may face. Its an escape route from sadness and stress.

Learn to say no – Well in this year of 2017, if you’ve never said no, please learn the word. Where do you get off saying yes to everybody and everything? I am sure you have opinions and insights of your own so there’s no way you should be saying yes every step of the way. Learn to voice your opinions when necessary, learn to wear black when everybody else wear white in the mud, learn to refuse what everyone wants to push on you, thank me later.

Enjoy your own company – Stay home sometimes or take yourself out to lunch or dinner. What looks stupid and pitiful to the public may be of the best benefit to you. When you learn to appreciate and respect your company, you will know just how you want others to act around you or who you want to be around. Being in your own company teaches you a whole lot more about yourself than you thought you knew.

These are only based on my opinion but it has worked for many. Trying it wont make things worse or I don’t think so, thus if you are truly unhappy, try one if not all of the above. I am not saying these are the ultimate ways to happiness but they sure are a few of the many. Thank you for reading and if you like my content, please follow me on Instagram at Tamoy87.

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