8 Signs She’s Tired Of Your Crap


This is a note to our men out here dating and thinking they can play the same game forever while women put up with it; thinking there is ownership so you do as you please. After a while, we do get tired of all that’s going on and when we get tired, you will know it by our actions and not by our voices because you claim we talk too much. If you have a nagging woman, listen to her because when she nags no more then you know, its done on her side. Here are some ways to tell she’s tired of all the crap if you live apart.

1. She no longer sends good morning texts: If she normally text you first thing in the morning and they get less until they cut right off, you’re in trouble. This woman’s head is somewhere else now, her head is on the road called “moving on”.

2. She doesn’t check if you ate: Having your man hungry is not a trait of a good woman so even if she isn’t around she checks if you fed yourself right. When she no longer does this, she basically saying feed yourself or starve, its up to you.

3. She gives you the one word reply text:
“Yes, fine, okay, no, hmm”, when you’re getting these reply from someone who usually says or texts a paragraph to each question then of course she’s at a point of giving up.

4. She replies to messages 6 hours later or the next day: Well, this one will surely eat you up, especially if you know she’s always on her phone so either she’s ignoring you or she’s ignoring you. Outside of being sick, busy or asleep, you can tell when she is ignoring.

5. She no longer gives opinions: Who have opinions like a woman right? Well then, if she ain’t talking then she’s walking because that’s just saying “live your life”.

6. She no longer tells you she loves you: At this point she starts saying, I have shown you enough love and you made a mockery of it so to hell with this.

7. She doesn’t pick up: Call as you may, she will not pickup if she doesn’t feel to. She’s now tired of your constant excuses and apologies so she prefers not to hear you at all.

8. She says “we need to talk”: Here we go, we all know this can’t be peachy. We need to talk tends to mean, ‘you’ve done something wrong” or “we are breaking up”. Cliche but true.

Ladies I know some of you can relate and for the married folks and those living together, I know you understand but being I’m neither married or living with anyone, I cannot write from that side of the fence.

Next blog in this series will be about choosing happiness so stick around and thanks for reading. Remember to follow on Instagram Tamoy87

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