Love Your Flaws

“I don’t like my lips”, “I don’t like my hips”, “I don’t like my face”, “I don’t like my waist” says a lot of women every day. Hey guys, I do hope you are having an amazing week and I trust all that has happened negatively will only strengthen you.

Too many of our women are out here insecure because of society’s definition of beauty. I am 29 and have awesome grey hairs all over the front portion of my head which some ladies my age don’t want. I don’t have them big hips, small waist, straight teeth, and perfect lips but I do have my personality and many talents which I use to push forward.tamoy87

Love your flaws. For every misplaced hair, crooked smile, weird laugh, slant eyes and flat nose there is a given talent to surpass these minor things. You may not be hour glass figure but you can cook, may not have the perfect face but have an education, may not have the best hair but is a talented hairstylist and the list goes on.

Love your flaws and don’t expect others to love them for you, until you love and appreciate yourself, you will never be sure of how perfect love should feel. Always gonna be searching for what you can’t find because you yourself don’t know what it is.

Love your flaws because there ain’t nobody out there who knows about them better than you do. Don’t be afraid to tweak your look from time to time with clothes, makeup, hairstyles or jewelry, adding to yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. Would you say wearing different clothes for different occasions make you insecure? I’m sure not so fix up and show up.

Love your flaws, treat yourself and smile, these are my encouragement to you.Tamoy87

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