5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wish You Knew

So I was talking to a potential client recently and she wanted to know how she could cut cost for makeup application. I gave her my basic charge but she still asked if I could just do brows and foundation then asked how much it costs. My answer was, “well, I don’t go below my minimum cost so if you want to cut the application its up to you but price is the same”. I have been seeing other MUAs express the same feelings towards the problem so I just want to give you the client a heads up.

  1. BASIC COST IS FINAL: Please stop trying to tell us what you want to pay, we have a good idea what we are charging for. Products are very expensive, traveling with them are a huge hassle, getting to the location on time from wherever we are is added to cost, standing on our feet to get the job done is also counted in and ensuring we get the job done right using our expertise makes it final. COST
  2. TIME IS IMPORTANT: If we get there on time and more than an hour after appointed time you are still not ready, we are not the ones responsible for the rushed look you will get. Perfecting a certain look takes time, getting the skin right takes time, blending products takes time, that is why we ask for the time we need. When you waste that time then ask us to do the job faster, you may not like the result hence, please be prepared for us when we get to the location.time-1739629_1920
  3. PERFECT SKIN GIVES PERFECT RESULTS: Take care of your skin, your makeup artist is not a magician. If you have bad skin, no matter how much of a great job we do, we can’t make bumps and raised scars disappear. Have a clean clear face ready for us when we are ready to start application. Even though we will clean up, if you do your normal cleaning routine before, it will give us a better base to work with.acne-1606765_1920
  4. PHOTOSHOP IS NOT A MYTH: A lot of the photos you see online if not most are edited. They may not have been put through an extreme airbrush process, but touch-up is done majority of the times by a photographer or photo editor. Please have a realistic mind and be sure to know when a great job is done by the artist. Makeup, tamoy87
  5. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PAY YOUR ARTIST: If you know you will be too busy and caught up in the events of the day, please assign the money management to someone else. A makeup artist hates to have to ask for our pay at the end of a job if there wasn’t a cleared balance before, no matter how bold we are. Ensure balance of payment is in an envelope or other presentable form to be given to artist before or after everything is done.money-exchange

BONUS TIP: Please ensure you state what you want and don’t be afraid to talk to your artist. Do all this before a certain time though, while your makeup is being applied, try to talk less. Especially when mascara, eyeliner, lashes and lip products are being applied. Another thing is to call us way in advance. Don’t call us this week for makeup next week or today for makeup tomorrow. It really isn’t feasible for anyone.

Thanks for stopping by guys and I hope this was helpful to some of you if not all.

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